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The 8 Best Korean Restaurants in Winnipeg [2023]

The foodie scene of Winnipeg is at an all-time high. There are so many great restaurants to choose from around the city that it can be difficult deciding where to go for a meal. 

Keeping that in mind, the question arises, “Where should I eat?” Well, that’s what we’re here for! Here are 8 great Korean restaurants worth checking out if you’re looking for delicious food with an Asian flair.

1) Café Lemontree

Come experience authentic Korean cuisine with a Canadian twist at Cafe Lemontree. 

When you’re looking for a delicious and unique meal, your best bet is definitely coming to this restaurant.

They have some of the most amazing dishes around! Popular options include dak-galbi ( Korean barbecue), okonomiyaki pancakes with Japanese mayonnaise sauce which are fluffy and soft. But don’t forget about their waffles either; they’ll make sure that every bite tastes like pure heaven in itself. 

They also offer both brunch options like Pork Cutlet Skillet paired as delicious coffee for you to enjoy. You can also try Jap-Chae, tofu oriental salad and vegetable gyoza and top it all with a strawberry slushie, which will taste just like non-alcohol daiquiri.

Business Information:
1631 St Mary’s Rd, Winnipeg, MB R2N 1Z4, Canada

Customer Review:
“Had the spicy pork bbq skillet and WOW. I’ve had authentic Korean bbq before and this did not disappoint! Had the original honey bread for dessert - it is a must try! Worth every calorie! Space is decorated “differently” but the place is clean and service is super friendly. Family owned business which is worth supporting. Will be back to try more.”

2) Little Korea

When you’re looking for a taste of Korea that will make your mouth water head over to Little Korea. They have all the traditional dishes from bulgogi ( Bulgiot Striped Cutlet)to bibimbap. Start off right with one of their authentic appetizers like Green Onion Korean Pancake to feel the authentic spicy flavor and sweetness of the onions covered in eggs. 

They also serve Korean stews, made with fresh ingredients and seasoned with authentic spices, such as Sundubu Jjigae (spicy soft tofu stew with seafood or beef) and Gamjatang (pork back bone & potato soup with vegetables). And if you crave some BBQ try Beef Bulgogi or Squid Bulgogi.

Business Information:
519 Ellice Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3B 1Z1, Canada

Customer Review:
“So delicious Korean good! Oh-sam-bulgogi is great and Gamjatang is good too. but my favourite is Pork rib Kimchi Jjim! (돼지갈비 김치찜) They use 2 years old Kimchi (which makes the dish flavourful). Side dishes are delicious as well. Service is superb!”

3) Gangnam Sushi

Gangnam Sushi is an absolute gem and an amazing Korean sushi place. The best thing about this place is the delicious food and excellent service. 

You will enjoy their chicken fried rice which is a perfect healthy and nutritious lunch option due to lots of fresh vegetables and perfectly cooked meat. And if you crave seafood you can try the shrimp tempura which has a light flavor and is really crispy. 

When you order takeout they always give you a free salad, soup and drink which is a really special thing to do. And with a huge menu they have plenty of dishes that are both easy on the budget and very well made.

Business Information:
290 Selkirk Ave, Winnipeg, MB R2W 2L7, Canada

Customer Review:
“Food is delicious! Tried the spicy rice cakes, gyoza, takoyaki, and spicy avocado roll - everything tasted great. Their kimchi is also delicious - fresh and flavourful. Staff was very friendly and warm, prices were on the lower side. Can’t wait to go back and try their ramen !”

4) Sushi Terrace

The Sushi Terrace offers an array of delectable dishes to patrons. They have a deep-fried happy mouth roll, a sushi pizza with chicken and a chirashi dish on their menu! With prices that are reasonable for what you get – this restaurant will not disappoint anyone who visits it. 

Beside the variety of sushi and rolls options they also serve tempura seafood and salads like wakame salad and spring rolls. All of that is covered with sauces that are flavourful and rich in taste and the other products they use like fish have an amazing quality and are always really fresh.

Business Information:
106 Browning Blvd, Winnipeg, MB R3K 1K2, Canada

Customer Review:
“Excellent! The best sushi in town. I'm a regular here. I've never had anything that I didn't absolutely love. Their sushi is fresh and delicious and the staffs are very friendly. I've repeatedly recommended this place to everyone I know.”
— Smith Maggie

5) Kiwa Korean Cuisine Restaurant

Kiwa Korean has been one of the most popular places in recent years. They have been working since 2014 and are trying to bring you the authentic taste of korea. From bibimbap to kimchi fried rice, all of the traditional favorites are available for you here! 

You can try their beef sirloin which is served with doenjang jjigae, lettuce, onion, carrots and sesame oil and is really nutritious and flavourful. They are also kids-friendly and have a special menu and wilth milder dishes for children like their tonkatsu meal or chicken wings.

Business Information:
Canada, Manitoba, Winnipeg, Pembina Hwy

Customer Review:
“This will be my standard Korean Restaurant. The staff and service is great. Food was phenomenal. I would recommend going here if you want to eat and experience Korean cuisine. Just order anything. Tastes great!”

6) Kim Chi

KimChi Korean Delight is a fast-service restaurant in Winnipeg that specializes in preparing dishes upon order in a blink of an eye. The cooks put on an entertaining show for their clients: prepare your order just in front of your table with flame and grill and deliver you a smiling face, because at Kimchi’s this means everything!

Korean cuisine is known for its well-balanced and low calorie contents, which make them ideal choices when it comes to healthy eating habits and the owners of Kim Chi know that. So you can try their soups like Mandu which is a Dumpling soup with yellow egg noodles made from fresh and organic ingredients. 

Or you can order their marinated beef and chicken that are grilled in front of you and are served with steamed rice and stir-fried vegetables.

Business Information:
1225 St Mary’s Rd #81, Winnipeg, MB R2M 5E5, Canada

Customer Review:
“I had the Udoki with beef, it was so good. The beef is tender, the variety of vegetables are great and the noodles and teriyaki sauce awesome. Thank-you so much it was delicious, I'll be back for more soon.”

7) Chungchun Rice Dog Maples

If you’re a fan of Korean food, then it’s almost certain that at some point or another the delicious and juicy hotdogs from Chungchun Rice Dog have crossed your path. This massive chain is known for its signature dish: The Korean Style Hotdog!

Glutinous rice is the secret ingredient in their hotdogs. It gives them their soft, doughy texture! They also coat it before frying so your dog will be fresh and delicious every time. They serve Mozzarella Hotdog, Ramen Chip Hotdog, Volcano one and many more. They also have sweet options like the Chocolate one.

Business Information:
1265 Jefferson Ave, Winnipeg, MB R2P 1S7, Canada

Customer Review:
“Simply excellent! A large variety of options to meet every appetite and the service was great too! Whether ordering as a meal or snack, these dogs are a tasty treat!”
FAQs about Korean Restaurants

Korean food is rich in taste and color due to the main ingredients that are used. The main ingredients in Korean food are rice, kimchi, noodles, soy sauce, ginger, sesame oil, garlic, scallion/green onion, chili pepper flakes or powder, sugar or honey for sweet flavor.

There are many Korean dishes to select from that have both flavour and uniqueness. These are a few dishes that are highly recommended by many to try out when you go to a korean restaurant like Galbitang, Kimchi Jiigae, Tteokbokki, and Bulgog.

Some well-known vegan Korean dishes include bibimbap, mandu (dumplings), soybean paste wrapped in lotus leaves and then deep fried; doenjang jurlsik gui choeukwae which is a kind of soup made from fermented soybeans along with vegetables such as mushrooms or onions that get sauteed before being added into boiling water.

There are many health benefits of Korean food. Eating Korean food can decrease blood cholesterol levels, reduce inflammation, and promote weight loss. It is also an excellent source of dietary fiber which helps us maintain a healthy digestive tract.


The 8 restaurants listed in this article are some of the best Korean restaurants in Winnipeg. They can be found all throughout Winnipeg, so you’re sure to find one that suits your needs. If you live in the city or are just visiting, these restaurants will offer a plethora of delicious dishes for you to choose from.