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The 6 Best Driving Schools in Winnipeg [2023]

Driving is a skill that is very important to have. Whether you are commuting for work or just want the freedom of driving around on your own, it is vital to learn the rules of the road. Learning how to drive can be an investment of time, but it is worth it in the end. 

Winnipeg has many driving schools, but here are six best driving schools in Winnipeg that provide up-to-date programs and courses while also having some of the most competitive prices on offer.

1) Step Up Driving School

Step Up Driving School is dedicated to teaching you to be safe on the road. They have everything you need from a driving instructor: patience, punctuality and knowledge; they’re also friendly and give plenty of good feedback on how to improve your skills as well as some handy tips.  

They are genuinely interested in you to get a license and will drive all the hours you need to perfect your driving style and knowledge of traffic signs. They will point to your weaknesses and remind you to be calm, confident, and drive safely regardless of what other drivers are doing.

Business Information:
1009 Southwood Avenue Winnipeg, MB, Canada R3T1J7

Customer Review:
“I just wanna say hatts off to their patience level, they motivated me a lot, i took lessons from mam, she explained me each and everything in detail, i did a-lot of mistakes but she never lose her temper, i was scared from driving coz i had very bad experience from my previous instructor, they really boost my confidence. I took two lessons from sir as well, and I had a wonderful experience with him. I got my license just because of them, I would highly recommend this driving school to everyone.”

2) Athos Driving School

The founder of ATHOS Driving School, Petar Momic has over ten years experience as a driver and teacher. He decided to combine his two passions together; driving lessons for all ages/grade levels with an emphasis on safety. 

His lessons are available in English as well as Serbo-Croatian if it’s a language that you are the most comfortable with. The services include Lessons for first drivers as well as Refresher lessons prior to road test like Parallel parking in 2-3 steps, Defensive driving techniques or highway driving.

Business Information:
Linden Ridge Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Customer Review:
“I am so thankful for my driving instruction from Petar. I went from being a nervous beginner driver to confidently passing my road test. Petar is encouraging and a great teacher, as well as just being really enjoyable to be around. I heartily recommend him to everyone I know who needs to pass the road test!”

3) Rick's Driver Training

Rick Greifenhagen is an experienced, qualified Class 5 driving instructor in Winnipeg. He has a very patient and encouraging manner that will help you learn to drive safely for the first time or maintain your skills when it comes down to needed repairs on-the road!

He offers flexible hours for pick up, as well as competitive rates that will fit your budget! He can perfect your parallel parking skills as well as defensive driving. And with the course of Winter Driving & Skid Control, which is available only during winter, you will be able to feel confident on the road during any weather conditions.

Business Information:
Winnipeg, MB, Canada R3L0T8

Customer Review:
“ I'm so glad I came across this driving school! I decided that I wanted to get my license this year and needed some refresher lessons. Rick is a calm, kind, knowledgeable, and patient instructor who helped me boost my driving confidence. He would explain to me what to do in everyday driving situations in a clear and concise manner. His parallel parking technique is super helpful and helped me determine the reference points for parallel parking on my car. I would highly recommend Rick if you need a great driving instructor!”

4) Buffalo Driver Training

The team at Buffalo Driver Training are committed to providing the best driving services in Winnipeg. Their company was founded by two parents who wanted an option for their children outside of public school. 

They offer both classroom instruction as well private one on ones with your tutor so that every student gets individualized attention.  

To be able to take certain classes you need to be 18 years of age or older and have a full class-5 license. They specialize in truck driver training and after six weeks of training you will be able to pass the exam and be a professional truck driver without a problem.

Business Information:
1221 Sherwin Rd, Winnipeg, MB R3H 0V1, Canada

Customer Review:
“Joined buffalo driver training intake for July, the staff and instructors are amazing and work with you to succeed in the course and are willing to put in a lot of effort to make sure you pass the course. They're like a family. Really enjoyed my time here doing the course.”

5) ProActive driving Academy Winnipeg

ProActive driving Academy Winnipeg is the best resource for driving lessons, road test preparation and more. They offer high quality one-on-one training with their expert instructors that will have you parallel parking in no time!

You can take a quick 2 hours lesson a day before your road test and they will teach you many important tips that will help you pass on the first try! Their calm and patient manner will make it easier for you to become more comfortable behind the wheel while also learning how best to prepare myself physically or mentally beforehand. 

Business Information:
60 Sadler Ave, Winnipeg, MB R2M 1N5, Canada

Customer Review:
“ProActive really did change my life. I used to be so anxious behind the wheel but they listened to my concerns and helped me gain confidence based on those feelings. I felt really listened to and now I've had my license for three months. I still use everything they taught me everyday and I've never been more confident in my driving skills!”

6) Urban Driving School - Pass Your Next Road Test

Urban Driving School is the only place you need to be if your goal is passing your next road test. They offer expert instruction from friendly, engaging professionals who make sure that each student learns proper techniques and driving skills in order for them all pass flawlessly.

They offer different packages with the hours that work just for you and pick up and drop off is included in the price. They work with different age groups and their instructors are really patient and respectful to you.

Business Information:
81 Apple Hill Rd, Winnipeg, MB R3Y 1A8, Canada

Customer Review:
“This was an absolutely wonderful driving school, with lessons that are accommodating of a busy schedule as well as informative. The instructor knows how to best prepare you for your road test and is all around wonderful company when practicing driving. I would recommend to anyone who is nervous about taking their road test; these lessons helped me to prepare and ultimately pass my road test!”
FAQs about Driving Schools
Driving lessons can be expensive and the cost varies depending on factors such as location, time of year, and age. On average, driving lessons in Winnipeg can range from $50-100. There are also packages you can choose from to provide more help for your upcoming test.
There are many great benefits you gain from enrolling in driving school. It is an excellent way to become a safer driver. With driving school, you will learn how to maneuver your car through traffic, parallel park, and they also learn about the rules of the road. It will help increase your confidence and skills when you’re on the road.
There are many driving schools in the area and their services can vary but some of the most common are driver education courses, driver training courses, and driving exam courses. They also provide instructors to train you on the road, preparing you for your examination.
Driving schools across the nation have different approaches to how long a new driver should be in class before becoming a safe driver on the road. However the average time it should take is about 30 to 40 hours of professional driving tuition to reach test standard.

Winnipeg has an amazing variety when it comes to driving schools and you’ll be hard-pressed not find one that suits your needs. From beginner courses all the way up through advanced, there’s something here for everyone!

The five driving schools list above are some of the best in business, so you can rest assured that you can pass your next driving exam without a problem!