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The 6 Best Dog Daycares in Winnipeg [2023]

Are you looking for a safe and fun place to leave your dog while you’re at work? Check out Winnipeg’s best dog daycares! From spacious outdoor areas to comfy indoor lounges, these places will keep your furry friend entertained all day long. 

Plus, most of them offer optional services like baths, groomings, and training. So why wait? Start checking out some of Winnipeg’s top dog daycare providers today!

1) Woofs ‘n Wags Donald

Knowing that your dog is having fun and socializing while you’re at work for a long day is the reason why Woof’s Wags Donald opened a dog daycare facility. The staff there really cares about their customers, which you can tell by how happy the pets are when coming there to play! 

If you own a puppy they have a separate place for little ones to run and have fun. They also can groom your dog during his time there and clip his nails as well.

Business Information:
2 Donald St #1, Winnipeg, MB R3L 0K5, Canada

Customer Review:
“Our dog loves it here and the people who work here are amazing. Excellent grooming services and a safe, clean, stimulating day care for dogs.”

2) Urban Canine Recreation And Resource Centre

Urban Canine strives to create a balance between socialization and fun, with an emphasis on fulfilling the basic needs for your canine companion. They believe in consistency and positive reinforcement, pack leadership and most of all, letting dogs be dogs.

In their 5500 square foot facility, they have both an arena-style play area for big dogs or a smaller puppy area. To ensure both comfort and safety, floors are covered by thick, anti-slip rubber matting. They also have a 3250 square outdoors play area with pools and other animals to play with. 

Business Information:
415 Mulvey Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3L 0R6, Canada

Customer Review:
“This daycare is the best that I've ever used. They group the dogs by size and activity level, and each group has their own individual human who supervises them constantly, and plays with them. The staff all truly love, and care about, all of the dogs. I've been bringing my dog here for 5 years, and now a second dog, and I honestly believe that their time at Urban Canine makes them even better pets than they would be without going there.”

3) Pawadise Pet Care

Pawadise Pet Care offers a wide range of pet care services to suit your individual needs. They are family owned and operated, with many years experience in the industry! At Pawadise Pet Care, they are all trained in pet first aid in case of emergencies so that you can take comfort in knowing that your pet is safe with them. 

Their services include dog daycare, dog boarding, cat boarding, dog grooming,nail trimming, dog walking and more! They require a temperament assessment to put your dog into a group that he will be the most comfortable with. You can be sure that your furry friend is well taken care of and having fun.

Business Information:
272 Poplarwood Ave, Winnipeg, MB R2M 1L6, Canada

Customer Review:
“Pawadise Pet Care blows us away each and every visit with how professional and well educated they are. We have full trust in their capabilities and skills from their longevity in the pet industry! Not to mention the reviews speak for themselves. They are the real deal.”

4) Sprockett's Doggy Day Camp Inc. (EAST)

Sprockett’s Doggy Day Camp offers the perfect environment for all dogs to play, exercise or have mental stimulation practices. Your pup will enjoy interacting with other dogs within their friendly atmosphere and will build confidence as well as create new friendships.

The staff at this facility is more than friendly and they really care about your dog’s well-being. They’re large enough to offer both indoor and outdoor play areas so no matter what time of year it is there will always be somewhere safe for your pet to get his energy out!

Business Information:
7-975 Thomas Ave, Winnipeg, MB R2L 1P7, Canada

Customer Review:
“I love that we can do grooming while she is in daycare and that they have classes for after daycare. The staff seemed knowledgeable and even remembered our puppy's name by the second visit (even though a week had passed). I love the dedication and our puppy is very happy to go here! “

5) Central Bark Inc

With their professional service you won’t be stressed when you leave your dog at daycare for the first time. They will take care of them as if they were one of their pets and ensure that your friend has an amazing day ahead. 

They have a large indoor and outdoor area with mini pools, grass and walks for activity as well as places where your dog can nap and rest  after running around.

Business Information:
1333 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3G 0V7, Canada

Customer Review:
“Great daycare spot in the West End! I feel confident that they are taking good care of my dog when I bring her here, and she comes home happy, well-mannered, and tired. I also love that they post photos and videos on their Instagram stories of the dogs playing throughout the day!”

6) Paws Unleashed Winnipeg Ltd.

At Paws Unleashed, they are a team of passionate, dedicated dog lovers who are committed to providing your furry friend with the best playtime possible. The puppies are divided into groups based on their size, personality and play style, so everyone can interact happily without being crowded or intimidated by other personalities!

Not only is your pet getting the chance to socialize and release his energy, but also learn how to behave during different circumstances with training classes that they provide during his stay at daycare. Your dog’s behavior will be transformed at home and in public.

Business Information:
1107 Fife St, Winnipeg, MB R2X 2M8, Canada

Customer Review:
“I would not hesitate to recommend Paws Unleashed! Lisa and her staff are welcoming, knowledgeable and want to ensure our dogs have a safe and enjoyable visit. My girl considers Paws her home away from home and always looks forward to her next visit.”
FAQs about Dog Daycare

The average cost for dog daycare in Winnipeg is about $15 per day. This price can vary depending on the size of the dog and the location of the daycare. Some daycares offer discounts for multiple days of care, and others offer discounts for siblings.

Dog daycare is a great option for busy pet parents who need to leave their dog at home during the day. Dog daycare facilities provide a variety of services, including exercise, socialization, and basic training. Dog daycare can also provide obedience training, feeding, and walking services.

There are many benefits to sending your dog to daycare such as getting the daily amount of exercise, developing their social skills, and more. Dogs that attend daycare are also less likely to develop behavior problems.

Dog day care can include anything from playing catch to swimming to agility courses. They often have separate areas for small and large dogs, as well as indoor and outdoor spaces.


If you’re looking for a great place to leave your dog during the day, any of these six daycares would be a great choice. They all offer different services and amenities, so be sure to do your research to find the one that best suits your needs. And don’t forget to ask around for recommendations from other dog owners.