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The 6 Best Car Detailing Companies in Winnipeg [2023]

While there are many car detailing in Winnipeg, it can be challenging to find the one that best meets your needs. Fortunately, the list below will help you make an informed decision and select a winner for your next car detailing in Winnipeg.

There are many places where cars may need some TLC in Winnipeg, but finding the right place can prove difficult. The list below is here to help you make an informed decision and choose the right winner for your next car detail in Winnipeg.

1) Action Car Detailing

Action Car Detailing have been the leading provider of premium paint protection, correction and interior services in Winnipeg for over 10 years. Their skilled team works hard to continue improving their knowledge while offering you the best detailing services. 

They use only cutting edge techniques with products from top brands to ensure your vehicle’s longevity. Action car Detailing offers a very thorough, deep cleaning of interior and exterior. You can count on them to have your car looking better than new.

Business Information:
1380 Sargent Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3E 0G5,

Customer Review:
“This was an excellent experience!!!!! Far beyond expectations! My vehicle is over 10 years old and the interior has been neglected quite a bit. They did a beautiful job and magically the car now feels like new.. completely flawless cleaning job. I had no idea my car could look this good!”

2) HSD3 Mobile Auto Detailing & Automotive

HSD3 Mobile Auto Detailing & Automotive transformed 100+ interiors in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. From pet hair, juice stains or food spills they’ve seen it all! Their interior car detailing service includes a deep vacuum of carpet followed by shampooing & extractor cleanings so that you can enjoy fresh smelling seats. 

Leather and plastic vinyl reconditioning is included in this service to make sure protection is added properly after a  steaming and thorough brushing of your car interiors. They will make sure that your car windows and mirrors are cleaned with a non-ammonia cleaner to avoid any damage. 

They can also tint the interior of an entire vehicle, giving it a new look for you! You can also add a car wash and carnauba wax polish to this service for an even more professional finishing touch. You’ll have the interior of your car cleaned, dried out perfectly with waxing on all exterior panels leaving it looking as if you just drove off from inspection!

Business Information:
1127 Fife St Unit B, Winnipeg, MB R2X 2M9, Canada

Customer Review:
“Highly recommend! They were extremely professional, punctual and very detail oriented! Bought a used car with lots of stains, dust and dirt and the car looks brand new! They got every little nook and cranny and made the car look as if it came out of a dealer! Would recommend them to anyone and will definitely use them again!”

3) M.PIRE Auto Detailing

The experts at their M.PIRE Auto Detailing are committed to providing you with a quality service that will leave your car looking good. From nano ceramic coatings, polishing and paint touch-ups; they’ll be sure everything is spotless!

M. Pire is now an MPI Accredited Detailing Specialty shop so they can offer those services plus more in order to help restore shine if necessary on any type of vehicle – from luxury cars all the way down through compactors or trucks. They also offer Odour Elimination which is ozone purification for your car to stay fresh and clean longer.

Business Information:
607 Logan Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3A 0S6, Canada

Customer Review:
“Professionalism and high quality . I'm speechless when I saw my car, it looked brand new. Really they do an amazing job . Keep it up. Thank you for the hard working.”

4) Rebirth Automotive Detailing

Their goal is to provide a level of quality service that will make you come back again and refer them. They  have been detailing cars for years, always striving towards perfection because they know how important it is when people see your car they think “That looks clean!”  

They know the right combination of compounds and polishes to use on a variety of different paints to make sure it’s shiny and clean. And if you want to try something new they use wet-sand and do deeper compounding. They also can pick up and then deliver your vehicle from home or do a mobile detailing. 

Business Information:
231 Oak Point Hwy, Winnipeg, MB R2R 1T7, Canada

Customer Review:
“The Rebirth team takes care of me and my family's cars. They are always great and the results are always spectacular. You really do get what you pay for, and Jon and his team are worth every penny!”

5) Finish First Autobody

Finish First Autobody work with the utmost care and attention to details. The company was started by Peter Posillipo over 20 years ago, growing from a mobile detailing unit into an independently owned full service repair shop located in Fort Garry at 45 Trottier Bay. 

They are the experts when it comes to making your car look new again. From wet sanding scratches out of leather seats to cleaning and repairing fabric upholstery so that you can have a clean and fresh car! 

They have all sorts of equipment for any hard surface needs—including polishing glass as well as small areas which may be difficult to access due to their size or location.

Business Information:
45 Trottier Bay Unit 1A, Winnipeg, MB R3T 3R3, Canada

Customer Review:
“Very nice and friendly place to bring cars in. Professional and truly take care of cars. My car looked brand new after repair and it was cleaned as well! A safety car was provided. Highly recommend it!”

6) Project Detail

The deep-dive detail is what sets exceptional cars apart from their counterparts. From luxury SUVs to family sedans, a good washing can turn any run of the mill vehicle into something elegant and stylish. Project Detail is dedicated to do just that!

They offer three packages from Quick Clean Special which is an exterior soft wash through, interior vacuum, wipe down windows and tires shined to deep clean detail with stains removal and carpet shampooing. Your car will shine and smell just like new.

Business Information:
1677c St Mary’s Rd, Winnipeg, MB R2N 3W1, Canada

Customer Review:
“Brought my 2015 Nissan Rogue in for a full service package. 5 years of Winnipeg winters and wear and year from 4 kids were wiped away! I could not believe how good the car looked afterwards! Was very impressed with the quality of work done here! If you want your car to look pristine, bring it here! Very satisfied with the results!”
FAQs about Car Detailing
The cost of detailing varies depending on how dirty the car is, what services are desired, and where the car is located. The average price for a full detail in Winnipeg ranges from $250 – $400. You can find cheaper rates by looking around or negotiating prices.
When you go to detail your car, you can expect the shop to have other services your car can benefit from. The most common services include interior and exterior cleaning, wheel cleaning, tire dressing, paint sealant application, leather cleaning and conditioning, fabric protection treatments and much more.
There are many advantages when you have your car detailed. Some of the common benefits is that it can ward off insects that can cause damage to paintwork and lead to corrosion. Additionally, it will help prevent mold and mildew from growing on surfaces like seat backs or dashboards.
The best amount of times you should get your car detail depends on the condition your car is in. It is highly recommended to have your cars detailed up to four or five times a year which is almost every two months. By following this pattern, you can increase the life of your car and prevent any further damage.

Remember, a professional car detail will make a huge difference in keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape, so do your research and choose carefully. Then you can enjoy that fresh-off-the-lot shine every time.

If you’re looking for a car detailer in Winnipeg, you can’t go wrong with any of these 6. We hope that we’ve helped you decide which one to go with.