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The 8 Best Animal Clinics in Winnipeg [2023]

Winnipeg is home to a wide variety of animal clinics, each with their own unique approach to veterinary care. If you’re looking for the best care possible for your furry friend, you’ll want to check out all of these clinics! 

From general care to specialized services, Winnipeg’s animal clinics have you covered. Keep reading for a list of the best ones in town.

1) Birchwood Animal Hospital

Birchwood Animal Hospital is proud to be the largest full service small animal practice in this part of the city and they have been around for over 40 years.  Birchwood Animal Hospital strives every day so you can feel confident knowing your pet will receive excellent customer service no matter what their needs may happen too!

They provide the best care for your pet, no matter what their needs may be. They have an extensive range of services including: examination, vaccination, and preventative healthcare. They also offer internal medicine and radiology services which includes X-rays if necessary along with other tests such as electrocardiograms/heart monitors) and many more.

Business Information:
2595 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3J 0P5, Canada

Customer Review:
“Birchwood Animal Hospital is a top notch business. They treat the animals with compassion and love. We have seen several different vets with our animals and they have all been fantastic and caring. When we had to put our lab down last August, they were very gentle and allowed us the time we needed with her. Highly recommend.”

2) Roblin Animal Hospital

At Roblin Animal Hospital, they are dedicated to providing excellent service for all of their patients. They have a team that is focused on prevention, client care and affordable routine spays, and neuters which will help you keep your pet healthy!

This full-service clinic welcomes both emergency treatment cases as well their regular patient needs with general surgery including dental work alongside diagnostics, and more.  They are here to create an optimal experience while ensuring outstanding quality standards using only high trained professionals and equipment.

Business Information:
4910 Roblin Blvd #104, Winnipeg, MB R3R 0G7, Canada

Customer Review:
“The staff was very friendly and were very good with my dog. The staff was also very helpful after surgery and gave me all the information I needed to help my dog recover. I was shocked when they called a couple days after Riley’s surgery to check on her. That was very nice and appreciated. There were no issues and Riley recovered very quickly. I will continue to take Riley to Roblin Animal Hospital for all her needs.”

3) Seasons Veterinary Clinic

At Seasons Veterinary Clinic they are committed to providing excellent service by offering a personalized approach that focuses on preventative medicine. Their goal is nothing less than complete satisfaction for all their clients, as well as the well being of your pet. 

They offer affordable routine spays, neuters as well general surgery services like dentals care or diagnostics consultations so you can keep your pet healthy year round without breaking the bank at this vet’s office.

Business Information:
655 Sterling Lyon Pkwy Unit 8, Winnipeg, MB R3K 1M3, Canada

Customer Review:
“Great clinic, friendly staff and excellent service! We bring our cats in to see Dr. Leigh and are always happy with the care provided. The staff always do their best to ensure pets and humans are comfortable during appointments. We also really like that we can order our cat's food online and pick it up from the clinic.”

4) McLeod Veterinary Hospital

The doctors and staff at McLeod Veterinary Hospital are committed to providing the best possible healthcare in a professional, compassionate manner. They are proud of the history of innovation with Winnipeg’s canine patients—they have been steadily evolving since 1982! Their goal is nothing but excellence: that means using up-to-date equipment for your pet’s benefit.  

They offer preventive, diagnostic, and surgery services for all types and sizes of pets. They will be happy to perform an annual examination to maintain the validity and health of your little friend. And  also take great care of geriatric pets because of their rapidly changing health conditions.

Business Information:
880 McLeod Ave, Winnipeg, MB R2G 2T7, Canada

Customer Review:
“Great Vet. Very friendly staff. They do care for the animals and also follow up to see how your pet is doing. I would recommend it. Thank you for the compassionate care and assistance over the years up until his last days. Thank you Dr. Emily and all.”

5) Whyte Ridge Veterinary Hospital

They take great pride in caring for your pet and will do everything within their power to make sure they are happy. Their team consists of doctors with over 45 years combined experience, who can provide expert medical care whether it be basic wellness or complicated surgery! 

They also offer 24 hour emergency service so that you never need to worry about unexpected health problems. They can treat dogs and cats as well as snakes, parrots, lizards, and other types of animals. They offer advice on  the right diet and overall nutrition for the well-being of your furry friend.

Business Information:
151 Scurfield Blvd, Winnipeg, MB R3Y 1L6, Canada

Customer Review:
“Dr. Davidson has been my bunny vet for years now. He has always taken the time to answer all my questions and provide the best care - all at a very reasonable price. The support staff are amazing, kind and caring individuals. I would highly recommend this vet clinic.”

6) Charleswood Veterinary Clinic

The veterinarians at the clinic are top-notch. They will be very gentle with your pets, and you can tell that it’s more than just a job to them – they genuinely care for all of their patients! 

You will be welcomed by the staff and the doctor will tell you all about the diagnosis and a medical treatment that is required. They will answer all of your questions especially if you have an old animal that is close to the end their journey.  And if your pet requires an emergency surgery or x-ray they are here for them when you they need it.

Business Information:
3717 Roblin Blvd, Winnipeg, MB R3R 0E3, Canada

Customer Review:
“The best veterinary practice I have ever been to. I've seen most of the techs and they are always so compassionate and caring. Dr. Tully is absolutely amazing. If she doesn't know something, she will find out. She has called me after a visit to see how my cat is doing. If you want a good vet, here is where you want to be.”

7) Plessis Veterinary Hospital

When it comes to the world being of your furry friend Plessis Veterinary Hospital will do everything in their power to help him and keep him healthy. Their vets are very experienced, knowledgeable and absolutely love animals. 

They perform everything from routine annual check ups to surgeries and complicated diagnostic tests. They are also here for you when your pet has an emergency and will always do their best put you in their schedule. They provide prescriptions and will explain to you everything you need to know to ensure your pet get well as soon as possible..

Business Information:
1783 Plessis Rd, Winnipeg, MB R3W 1N3, Canada

Customer Review:
“I have been bringing our animals here for years. The vets and techs are so kind and you can tell they care about their patients. They have saved my animals' lives, as well as made the last moments more comfortable for them to pass. I suggest Plessis vet to all of my friends and family.”

8) Dakota Veterinary Hospital

From the moment you contact them about any pets issue, Dakota Vet staff will be nothing but professional. They are very kind and caring people who clearly love animals in their care! 

The works with all sizes and types of animals no matter if it is a reptile or adopted cat.  

They also offer a wide selection of services including surgery one like emergency C-section or diagnostics like bloodwork and x-rays. They always try their best to make sure your pet is experiencing less pain and comfortable. They will also answer all of your questions about the diagnosis and possible treatment options.

Business Information:
1026 St Mary’s Rd G, Winnipeg, MB R2M 3S6, Canada

Customer Review:
“Everyone at this clinic goes above and beyond expectations. They are so loving towards my pup. I am so grateful for what they do for me and my aging hound. I love how they always check in on us after we have attended. You guys are truly the best!”
FAQs about Animal Clinic

The average cost to visit an animal clinic in Winnipeg is about $45. The cost of a veterinary examination can vary depending on the size and type of animal being examined, as well as the services required.

An animal clinic is a facility that provides medical care to animals. They offer a variety of services, including vaccinations, neutering, and spaying. They also treat sick animals and provide advice on pet care.

There are many benefits to going to an animal clinic. One of the most important benefits is that you can receive high-quality veterinary care. Animal clinics have access to the latest technology and equipment, which allows them to provide better care for your pet. In addition, animal clinics typically have staff who are highly trained and experienced in veterinary medicine.

There are a few things to keep in mind when deciding when to visit the animal clinic. One is whether your pet is exhibiting any signs of illness or injury. If you notice that your pet is not eating, drinking, or using the bathroom like normal, or if they are lethargic, has a fever, or is favoring one limb, it is time to seek veterinary care.


When looking for an animal clinic, it is important to consider the eight clinics that were mentioned. They all offer quality services and care for animals. Each clinic has its own unique set of benefits, so it is important to find the one that best suits the needs of both the pet and the owner.